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As traditional as it is intensely beautiful, Thassos will enthral you.

Thassos, the island of the Sirens, offers you as many options as there are colours in the blues of its sea and sky, the greens of its trees and the golden hues of its sandy beaches.

On this island in the North Aegean, you will enjoy excellent hotels, sample local delicacies in the villages, hike the trails and seek out the island’s secrets. If you are a nature lover, into water sports, or just want a taste of delicious simplicity, Thassos is your ideal emerald escape.

An island for nature lovers

On Thassos, you will find yourself engulfed in a sea of green. Take the tree-lined roads from the beaches to the ravines, lakes and footpaths around the villages. Rewarding trails like Maries-Prinos, Panagia-Potamia-Ypsario, Kallirahi-Prinos or Hrisi Ammoudia-Limenas can be enjoyed on foot or by mountain bike. For lovers of outdoor sports, Thassos is an ideal summer destination for an adventure-filled holiday.

Arrival at Limenas

This is Thassos’ link to the mainland and its capital since antiquity. Be sure to see the ancient agora; the sanctuaries of Herakles, Dionysos, Artemis and Poseidon; the Acropolis with its incredible view and the 5th-century BC theatre – all testament to the island’s long history. To get back to today’s world, walk through the central market and the small harbour by the beach. At night, you’ll have fun choosing your favourite from among dozens of restaurants and bars.

The beaches of Thassos

You will probably run out of stamina before Thassos runs out of beaches: Paradise, Chrysi Akti, Chrysi Ammoudia, Agios Antonios, Alykes, Trypiti, Skala Potamia, Paralia Limena, Pefkari, Skala Rahoiou, Giola, Saliara or Marble beach, as enamoured tourists call it, all combine the azure of the sea, pale or golden sand and enchantingly verdant backdrops. Topping it off are the tavernas, beach bars and water sports available at some of the most popular beaches.

Experience Thassos with Pansion Thomai

Conveniently located on the beachfront at Skala Potamias, Pansion Thomai is the perfect starting point for your Thassos adventures. Offering comfortable, budget-friendly accommodation, we invite you to rest, relax, and recharge between your island explorations.

Whether you're drawn to the natural wonders, historical sites, local culture, or delicious cuisine of Thassos Island, we look forward to welcoming you to Pansion Thomai and helping you experience the best of this Aegean gem. Start planning your Thassos Island journey today!